Terms And Conditions


Focus logic social club Pty Ltd is an international company with health and immune supplements which the company supplies with various partnerships throughout the world. It inspires the use of direct sales of its products utilizing independent Distributors, Business outlets and Brand Ambassadors (BA). The BAs and quality products provide both our partners, consumers and stakeholders a platform to improve their livelihood through the use of FLSC’s products and programs available. FLSC is comprised of little or minimum risk because of the minimal initial capital outlay required to commence the business. This is also constituted by the return policy for any damaged or defected products.
FLSC emphasizes that our Distributors and BAs are not guaranteed to achieve financial success without working hard and depending exclusively on the effort of others. Compensation in FLSC is contingent on the sale of products. Every BA and or Distributor determines their own success based on their effort and work contributed.
FLSC’s essential objective is ensuring that its competitive marketing strategy encourages the sale and usage of high-quality products to its consumers and customers. The main determination of the Distributors and BA’s is promoting sales and use of the products to customers and consumers of these products and spurring the sales organization.
BA’s irrespective of his/her Rank in Marketing products of FLSC is fortified to create frequent retail sales which should be kept on record for compensatory reasons.
An Effective BA’s or Distributor needs to be have gone through our training which has a significant support structure to standardize and ensure that quality is not uncompromised and also maintaining and feeding relationships with customers, retailer and sponsorship activities. The implementation of corporate procedures and company policies is to afford boundaries, guidelines and principles for good sales and advertising measures and to avoid indecorous, unmannerly and unlawful deeds. The general code of conduct can be modified, reviewed and the amendments will be effective in 14 days after official publication. It is compulsory for a Distributor or BA to be acquainted with the general code of conduct effective at the time of registration and as a going concern the modified and amended policies of the Company. As a Distributor or BA once you have acknowledged the Application form of FLSC by use of a signature, agrees to accept and comply with FLSC Company Policies and the General code of conduct. The Distributor herein has the contractual obligation to follow the outlined polices and general code of conduct. Any deeds or deficiency of action, which is tantamount to the misappropriation, parody or violation of the general code of conduct and Company Policies, may culminate the use of FLSC’s license, agreement for the use of registered trademarks, services, membership including the right to buy and distribute FLSC’s products


An Ideal Customer (IC)/Distributor of FLSC- makes use of FLSC’s products, engages in activities such as the sponsorship of other IC/Distributors and receives remuneration off the compensation plan of FLSC. The IC does not have to be licensed to sell FLSC products. Certified Presenter (CP), in order to be a certified Presenter and individual needs to have completed the Focus logic social club Business Accelerator (RHBA) Program. Once an individual becomes a CP, he will have access to the following:
Funding and compensation for hosting seminars on the condition that: Proof of hosting costs and relevant invoices should be submitted to FLSC. The CP should nourish the company with the details of the location on where the presentation will be held. 20 people should have RSVP’d and prove of RSVP should be submitted to the company. A register should be signed and submitted to the office after presentations have been completed. Pictures of the presentation are provided to the company and a minimum of 3 minutes of a promo video footage should be provided to the company. A certificate for the CP qualification will be provided by the company once an individual has completed the RHBA program.
The curriculum and requirements to complete the RHBA program shall be provided at presentations and FLSC offices. A Brand Ambassador (BA)- should have a room or space to keep the products and the following conditions should be met to qualify to be a BA: Needs to be licensed to sell products of FLSC Be willing to make use of FLSC’s advertisement material in their store. Be able to practice using the stock control system e.g., storage, FIFO (First in First Out) inventory control method and any other related inventory management system utilized by FLSC.
The store should be operational or running at least 4 days a week, To request stock through the ordering system software that is linked with the Head Office. Be willing to abide by the policies and general code of conduct of the company. To have a store which easily accessible for the convenience of Distributors.
The BA acknowledges that the company may do a credit check before establishing a binding relationship with the company. The BA acknowledges to store the goods in a conducive place with appropriate conditions, therefore the products should be stored in a dry cool place. The company shall have specific persons to manage and oversee BAs in matters of identifying ideal stores, company's product trainings, customer care, retail practices and anything related.


All Focus logic social club Distributors can directly place their orders through Focus logic social club, regardless of the quantity. For more specific detailed requirements, please refer to the ordering standard of each local branch office or BA.
Focus logic social club Distributors may place orders online, and Focus logic social club provides the delivery service to your specified addresses, which must be registered correctly when you register as a new distributor. You can also pick up the products directly or entrust another distributor to pick up the products from our local branch. For more specific details, please refer to the local branch office or nearest BA. Members have 7 days to collect their orders upon making a payment. If a member collet their product within 7 – 14 days they will forfeit 2 bottles, after 14 days they will forfeit all the bottles. Unless a person provides valid proof.
If there is a case against you regarding a person’s order/stock Focus Logic Social club PTY LTD has the right to temporally block the account of the accused until the investigation is done.
Receipt Instructions- Please carefully check your ordered products, including but not limited to, quality and quantity before signing to verify you have received your order. If there are any problems, please contact our local branch office for assistance. Make sure that the shipment documents are signed by the delivery agent and keep a record of it to support any damages or shipment loss during the delivery process. Pickup Service- Focus logic social club Distributors may pick up the order at the Focus logic social club local branch office or other specified location with their valid ID and distributor number.
Receipt and Invoice- When you purchase Focus logic social club products, a receipt and invoice will be included in the order detailing the product names, number, prices and other information of product. Please store these transaction documents for your personal record. Order may also be relayed or done through our Distributors and BAs if they are in possession of stock respectively. The relevant payment with the order in question must be submitted.
The full purchase amount must be received for the order before processing. The acceptable payment gateway available include the payment options available on the FLSC website https://focuslogicsocialclub.com All incorrect orders in either the state of the product, condition and quantities must be reported to FLSC no later than 7 days from the date which the order was placed. The Distributor/customer/member shall incur the shipping costs for dispatched products to them, regardless the area, location, town, city, country or continent.
If the mistake is from FLSC on the dispatched shipments, the shipping costs shall be incurred by FLSC. If the mistake is from the Distributor/customer/member, on reshipment of products, the shipping costs shall be incurred by Distributor/customer/member. Goods Returning and Replacing Policy- We will make every effort to ensure all the products you ordered is delivered safely, timely and intact to the destination that is specified on the order. If any mistakes occur unexpectedly, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help and resolve the issue. For more specific details, please refer to the local branch office. Return and Refunds policy:
The provision of goods and services by Focus Logic social Club is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability Focus Logic social Club will refund the client in full within 30 days. Cancellation of orders by the client will attract a 0 % administration fee.


A Distributor/IC is allowed a maximum of 6 accounts under his ID number and Name, on the condition that he/she can only receive incentives on 6 account. The incentives will accrue to the first account the Distributor/IC registered.
A Distributor/IC is allowed to re-sponsor beneath a different Sponsor on condition that, throughout the previous 2 months, Distributor/Customer has: Never bought, purchased or received the FLSC products from either the Company or from any additional source, Never sponsored any individual into the FLSC business, Never received payments of any kind from FLSC, Can prove they are not receiving any support from their Team or up liner throughout the entire 2 months.
The Distributor/customer re-sponsored must sign and have an affidavit notarized and submitted to the company before the re-sponsorship is permitted in addition to the Above conditions being met. In circumstances where a spouse of a legally married distributor/customer who is not being re-sponsored wishes to create his/her own profile. The individual/customer is eligible to do so by sponsoring directly under his/her spouse or directly under the spouse’s Sponsor, without having to fulfil the requirements Above for re-sponsoring, a marriage certificate is required before this re-sponsorship can be affected.
A re-sponsored Distributor starts again as a Distributor under the new Sponsor and forfeits any downline acquired as far as all countries previously sponsored. A re-sponsored Distributor/customer is acknowledged as a newly-sponsored Distributor/customer for all promotions, incentives and benefits. Moving of to a new sponsor A member is allowed to switch to a new sponsor 3 times with out any consent of the old sponsor.


FLSC reserves the right to terminate/discontinue the membership of Distributor/member/customer/BA. In addition, the company will reserve its right to retract any bonus, compensation and remuneration without disregard of the company policies.
Deliberate deeds of omission and disregard for the general code of conduct and company policies will be sternly dealt with, this may include legal action for damages for any damages sustained to the company. We forbid people from taking peoples funds of behalf of the company we don’t Condon such an act.
We forbid Sponsoring in countries where FLSC is not legally operation. Kindly note focus Logic is only officially operation in 4 counties as follows South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Eswatini. Please Adhere to this if this is not followed. Focus Logic social club has the right to permanently banned the user from the Company any income generated will be lost.
Deeds instigating the basis for termination and liability for any damages sustained include, but are not limited to the below listed:
Deceitful Sponsoring. This includes the registration of non-existent individuals by the use of fraudulent documentation not issued by the Government of the Distributors respective country, with the intend of exacerbating and/or creating fictitious remuneration, compensation or commission Any action by Distributor displaying failure to act in accordance with the outlined terms and conditions and company policies shall be grounds for termination.
Deceptively and intentionally declaring the incorrect goods sold/used/consumed in order to falsify the remuneration scheme shall be grounds for termination. The company reserves the right to retract any up-line bonuses paid from products returned or terminations paid by a customer/Distributor/member. Products to should be purchased by a Distributor in their own name, A Distributor is barred from appearing, being referenced in, or allowing the Distributors names or likeness to be included or referenced in any advertising, recruiting or solicitation materials for another product-based company which is regarded as a competitor by FLSC Only Super ambassadors are able to sell in focus logic appointed stores Self-designs or imitations of the product or FLSC for display or advertisement in service stores or anywhere else is prohibited unless prior consent has been provided to the company.
Prior written approval and consent is required for the use of any literature used to market the company, which was not officially published or issued by the company.
The use of counterfeit products which are not of the company to market the company shall be grounds for immediate termination. We forbid derogatory or reproachful statements of FLSC to 3rd parties, dissatisfaction should be conveyed via official communication channels directly to our registered office 203 isle of Houghton, we allow a Distributor to escalate the matter further to deliberate professionally on matters of concern to the Distributor in case/matter is not resolved amicably to the satisfaction of the distributor. A Distributor is barred from using any other sales channels except that which are prescribed by the company.
The export of products for commercial use to a country which does not allow the use of our products is strictly prohibited The correct pricing in the advertisement of products shall be adhered to FLSC reserves right to cancel the contract of a Distributor without notice if the company deems it fit on the following grounds: Displays unethical behaviour Displays behaviour which can be detrimental to the mission and vision of the company. Brings FLSC to disrepute.
Does not act in the best interest of the company. Any disputes to the Above can be forward to the company in writing for consideration.


We acknowledge the relationship of FLS and distributors to be contractual in nature. The minimum age restriction of individuals who can have a business relationship with the company is 18 years. The company may consider the membership of a minor who wishes to join the company under the supervision of a guardian. The condition for the latter exception is that the guardian should also have a contractual relationship with FLSC prior to the approval of the minor being a distributor/customer/BA. The company allows BAs to register under the name of a company which they intimately and closely relate to, provided they can give sufficient evidence that they are the sole owner of the company and provide legal company documentation to do so. In the event that the BA is not the sole owner, they need to provide FLSC with a power of attorney signed by the company they wish to register with, attesting that they have received prior approval to enter a contractual relationship with FLSC for the purposes of FLSC related business/products/services. The BA/Distributor is responsible for seeking separate qualified guidance concerning the formation of a business entity, and any other regulatory, legal advice and taxation. FLSC unequivocally renounces any accountability and liability pertaining to a Distributors decision to operate his/her FLSC business. FLSC shall not render services as a representative of any tax, accounting or legal bodies. In this regard the company will not be accountable for any suffered loss, which is incurred directly, indirectly in any way or consequent to damages or liabilities of any nature. The BA is regarded as an independent contractor, who is expected to conduct their business inside the confines of the prescribed terms and conditions regardless of region, nationality, and location. A BA/distributor will be accountable and responsible for their own FLSC related business in regard to preventing family members or relatives from using information intended to evade the adherence to the company policies and general code of conduct. The Distributor acknowledges that it will abide by the laws, regulations, laws of the foreign country where they have entered a foreign country for FLSC business purposes and or sponsored downlines in that particular foreign country and will abide by the local laws thereof. A Distributor/BA may develop their own promotional techniques, so long as they are not in defilement of any company, state, federal or jurisdictional rules, statutes, and regulations. Adherence to the sponsorship policies is emphasized. Changes of pertinent information such as residential address and or changes to a different country should be updated on the system and relevant documentation to support this should be provided to be compliant with the FICA act. Voluntary Termination should be done by an individual in writing and this should be submitted directly to the company. The effective termination shall be regarded as the date which the company officially accepts the request to dissolve the contractual relationship. One can re-apply for a FLSC contractual relationship after 12 months, if it has been previously terminated, this will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In the event that the relationship is re-instated by FLSC, the Distributor cannot enjoy benefits of previous downline activity. Suspension of Distributor/BA is a temporary disposition that disallows one from making any purchase orders, bonus payments, sponsoring or receiving profit. If the Distributor is re-enacted and/or allowed to resume business activity with FLSC, the withheld benefits shall be due to the Distributor. FLSC shall allow the digital promoting of the company products or services electronically, digital promotional activities are in liaison to Company Policies and the general code of Conduct concerning advertising and promotional guidelines.


Within the confines of the law, BAs (BA’s), Distributors, Shareholders, Employees, Agents, Officers, Directors (herein aggregately referred to as stakeholders), the company shall not be liable nor responsible and liable for publications of other stakeholder’s contrary to the company policies, and waives all claims, for any loss of profits, indirect, direct, special or consequential damages, and for any other losses sustained or suffered due to Breach of company policy and legal aspects of the company including and not limited to the general code of conduct. The advertising and operation of the stakeholder and their activities related to erroneously issuing out wrong data or material which is not in juxtaposition with the company information All official publications will be made officially by the company via the registered office and or website news release section. Proper training sessions to ensure that alignment of product knowledge and services of the company are in unison with the material information which stakeholders have. The license to market FLSC products shall remain effective on the premise that stakeholders and FLSC have a good standing and that there is full compliance with the company policies. Stakeholders may not use any material which is not submitted and approved by FLSC in writing, before the information can be dispersed or disseminated, approval of such or any additional information should be vetted by the company first to ensure standardization and that the information is not contrary to the company policies and procedures. Stakeholders may not alter the design of the packaging, or logos or the product in anyway which is in contrast to the actual documented product on the company website https://focuslogicsocialclub.com


This section outlines the dispute resolution a legal framework in the case that an amicable agreement could not be reached between the company and its stakeholders. To resolve any dispute amicably, efficiently, timeously and effectively, the stakeholder and the FLSC mutually agree that the stakeholder will relinquish/waive their rights to a trial or court in order to resolve the dispute in adherence to the dispute resolution policy herein outlined The transfer or inheritance of FLSC related account is prohibited except in the event of divorce, legal separation and or death. FLSC will only allow the transfer of a single person’s FLSC’s account on death, such a Distributor should possess a will or Grantors trust. If the FLSC account/business is held by a legally Registered business entity, the deceased primary shareholder will not lapse the account ownership or continued benefits accruing to the business account with FLSC in question. So long as the company is compliant with the general code of conduct, company policies and has appointed a power of attorney for the representative for any business with FLSC. Following the death of a BA/Distributor, notification via a trustee or estate representative of such a death should be done to FLSC in 5 Months. The communication should include a certified copy of the death certificate. In addition to the latter a certified copy of the Grantors Trust or will and or a directive utilizing a Court order for the transfer of the FLSC account held to a successor. Communication of a death shall be done timeously to prevent suspension or closure of an account. The successor of the account may provide in writing to the company before the 5 months has lapsed a justification to prolong the 5 months’ time period referenced bullet (vi). The company will exercise reasonable discretion whether to prolong or extend this time frame on a case-by-case basis The rights or authority to inherit the FLSC business account must be premised on the following: The successor or heir must meet the criteria prescribed in the terms and conditions which govern the eligibility of the person who can open a FLSC account. A guardian must be acknowledged in the case of minor being the heir, also an affidavit in place to acknowledge the guardian to the heir of the FLSC account. If the relationship of the guardian and the minor is not that of an intimate nature. i.e., the guardian is not a grandmother, father, mother or grandfather. FLSC will only recognize any other guardian which is adjudicated legally by legal means as the official guardian of the heir who is a minor The guardian, trustee, spouse or representative is deemed accountable for the deeds of the beneficiary and ensuring they abide by the policies and general code of conduct of FLSC. FLSC wishes to state herein that should any pending divorce matters or negotiation of assets and settlements, FLSC will continue to make payment to the BA as normal before the matter was logged. In cognizance of divorce or legal separation, a legally enforceable property settlement agreement may decree an FLSC held business account to be granted to one spouse or the other. The FLSC held business account cannot be shared or partitioned. Only one individual remains entitled to retain the current downline of FLSC held business account.


The internal FLSC system reports including and not limited to downline sales organization information, commissions, private information, reports, genealogical information are regarded as exclusive and confidential information of FLSC However, the stakeholder may publicize their own personal information or back office in which ever fashion they deem possible, via the use of social media platforms or in any way they deem suitable provided that the intent or action does not harm the company image and that the action was designed to spur or further business growth. Every stakeholder must regard all internal information of the company private and confidential. FLSC holds that any private information or company trade secrets which include formula’s, design, collecting, database, device, technique, method or procedure, are regarded as company exclusive information. The latter does not include officially publicized information from the FLSC offices or company website https://focuslogicsocialclub.com The stakeholders are prohibited from making use of FLSC confidential information and or trade secrets available to anyone without prior written consent of FLSC Stakeholders may not directly or indirectly Abuse or make use of trade secrets or confidential information for self-benefit or benefit of any other party except the purpose is to self-aggrandize themselves in line with FLSC business and company policies. Stakeholders shall not engage in any activity which surmounts to evading, rupturing. Interfering or diminishing the value of the affiliation between FLSC and the stakeholder.


We may change the terms of this policy at any time by updating this web page. We will notify you of any changes by placing a notice in a prominent place on the website detailing the changes that we have made and indicating the date that they were last updated. If you do not agree with the changes, then you must stop using the website and our goods or services. If you continue to use the website or our goods or services following notification of a change to the terms, the changed terms will apply to you and you will be deemed to have accepted those updated terms.


The company herein prescribes the FLSC professional general code of conduct which is designed to create an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, integrity, honesty and diligence. This code of conduct was designed to govern the behaviour and demeanour of individuals and different parties in how they relate to each other in business contexts and any other related contexts. The importance of the latter is critical to the success and sustainability of the company and ensuring that the company leads by example in grooming the right calibres and cultivating distinct leadership qualities which will be carried out to the rest of the world. Failure to abide by the professional general code of conduct shall serve grounds to call for a disciplinary hearing and or termination of any contractual relationship with the company. Herein the company explicitly narrates the general code of conduct and professionalism expected in Focus logic social club international: Respect- This shall regard the demeanour in which one explicitly relates to peers and or individuals within FLSC related business. FLSC does not allow the use of Abusive language towards other members. No form of discrimination based on someone’s background, gender, height, race, nationality or any other discrimination which is uncalled for shall be tolerated within the conduct of business with FLSC. Disputes shall be addressed to FLSC where stakeholders have an issue which cannot be resolved which requires the intervention of the company, this recourse for conflict resolutions is reserved to FLSC related business only The qualities of being moral and having high integrity is of utmost importance and should be encourage through the entire company culture. Stakeholders are encouraged to be diligent with everyone including and not limited to how business is conducted and dissemination of information. Stakeholder should thrive to exercise sufficient effort, commitment and dedication in order to meet their business objectives. Slandering, hate speech, malicious behaviour or intent to harm shall not be accepted within FLSC. The company acknowledges that the grievances between stakeholders shall be resolved internally. Grievances shall be directed to the office via official communication in writing to the officially registered email for grievances, disputes and or resolutions. There after a date agreed upon by all parties shall be scheduled in order to resolve any grievances or disputes at hand. In case where the parties aggrieved are far apart in terms of geographical dispensation, the dispute or grievance meeting shall be chaired utilizing electronic means, media, devices or platforms such as zoom, WhatsApp meeting, conference call or any other channel of professional communication to resolve the dispute. Professional communication shall be maintained at all times, The company discourages the use of social media to engage in hate speech, destructive communication which is diminishing to the value of the company and or its interests. A positive attitude is encouraged at all times, energy can be conveyed and transmitted from one person to another, hence it is of utmost importance for one to maintain a positive attitude for his success and the success of FLSC at all times FLSC encourages all stakeholders to teach and endorse good networking principles to downlines in all their personal conduct and demeanour in the handling of FLSC business and or products. Support of other stakeholders and teams is vital for the success and essential survival of the business, including and not limited to the stakeholders own personal growth. We encourage the participation in company events, these are not mandatory but are important for the professional growth and keeping up to date with company essential items and pertinent information. All stakeholders are encouraged to lead by example. Esprit de corps is encouraged within the company; which is mutual loyalty shared by the members of a group. I, as a Focus logic social club Distributor, agree and comply with the following principles to operate Focus logic social club Individual Business: Comply with Code of Conduct, Policies & Procedures of Focus logic social club. When presenting the Focus logic social club Business Plan, all the statements must be truthful, accurate and not misleading, strictly based on actual experiences and Focus logic social club authorized materials. Make sure complaints of product quality are dealt with immediately and in a polite and friendly manner. Make every effort to strive for success and excellence in Focus logic social club with integrity by conducting your business with the highest standard. Be willing to shoulder and implement all the responsibilities stated in Focus logic social club authorized materials. Only Focus logic social club authorized materials, including business tools, video materials and other business support materials, can be used while presenting the Focus logic social club Business Plan, products or services or any other business activities.


Continued use of the Company website or services is acceptance of the Focus logic social club privacy policy and all its terms of use and conditions. All Focus logic social club graphics, design, and text of the website remains exclusive copy rights of the Company Unless otherwise indicated. All Focus logic social club Material may only be copied or used in a manner allowed by the Company, except wherein stated. All rights Reserved. Focus logic social club logos, symbols, domain name, trademarks on this website remain the property of the Company. Including and not limited to slogans, sayings, statements which is unequivocally the property of the Company as well. Focus logic social club international does not warrant or guarantee the exactitude or entirety of the information, goods, services, statements and materials which are provided on this website since they are extended to you on a “as is” and “as available basis. The Company therefore disclaims any liabilities from inaccuracies, inadvertences in the details, statements and contents. The Company shall strive to ensure that such inadvertences or inaccuracies relating to the price of its products and services shall be rectified by Focus logic social club without obligations or notice. To the maximum extent permitted by law unless otherwise specified, we disclaim all warranties and representations of any form or nature, whether express, implied or constitutional. Additionally, the Company does not warrant that the site is free from destructive software like viruses, hackers, bugs and technical disruption or sabotage. The Company does not warrant or guarantee that access to the website is uninterrupted, error-free and is always available, nor does it warrant or guarantee against misallocated purchase orders, lost registrations or stolen data.